Josephine Condotta

Josephine Condotta is an emerging, contemporary visual artist with an HBA in Visual Arts from McMaster University.  Her artworks dive into the notion of identity and the emotional characteristics of colour, as well as the contrast between structural and organic forms. 

Josephine is currently working on her GIRL EXPOSED Series, which explores the concept of femininity and the emotions that surround the feminism movement from an individual’s perspective. The series examines the modern female struggle for identity and equality.  Josephine illustrates the complexity and character of identity through layers of mixed media along with ethereal depictions of the female form or the symbolic use of natural elements and animals. She aims to capture an emotion and an energy within every work of art. 

Josephine has exhibited at the The Artist Project Toronto in 2015, had artworks published in 'House & Garden' magazine, the 'Toronto Sun' and 'Jungle' magazine, and since participated in many shows as a member of Beaux Arts Brampton.

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