Josephine Condotta

Josephine Condotta reinvigorates spaces with energizing creativity and stylish problem-solving! You can often catch her dashing around in high heels while holding a cup of coffee, dreaming of bright colours, love, and heaps of feather-filled pillows.  This trendy boss lady has a serious affinity for chairs, artworks and notebooks with inspirational quotes on the cover! Her passion for great design and art is so big you can feel it! 

Josephine credits every successful project to the innovative thinking and functional design that is its core, whether it’s space planning a new home office or composing a painting.  It’s all well and good to create something with artistic skills, but if it has no purpose or meaning than frankly, its just…pretty…and that kind of one-dimensional designing can get boring REALLY fast.  Josephine prefers to focus on longer-lasting love of a space or a piece of artwork so the investment in her talents is one that is worth it.  

She also believes that every space should rejuvenate and revive those who live there, sending them out into the world with higher spirits and a little oomph!  The most rewarded part of Josephine’s work is how it changes the mood of her clients and inspires them to be happier and more enthusiastic in their everyday lives!  

The best part about working with Josephine? Her enthusiasm of course! Josephine strives for happy and smiling clients who are just as excited about a project as her! She injects her positivity and warmth into the WHOLE creative process, aiming to connect each client with the final product, which of course, she hopes they’ll adore!

Any credentials you ask? Absolutely!

  • HBA in Visual Arts from McMaster University
  • Certificate in Interior Decorating from Humber College
  • 2 years experience as a Junior Designer at Sarah Richardson Design
  • 4 Years experience as a Professional, Emerging Artist
  • 1 of 4, Design Project Managers for the HGTV Series Real Potential with Sarah Richardson
  • (currently) an Assistant Manager of Merchandise at TJX Canada.

If there is anything else you want to know about Josephine, then take a peak at any of her social media platforms (links below) and maybe drop her line! She is SUPER friendly and always welcomes a chat!