Custom Artworks


A splatter of bright colours, a dripping cityscape or graphic-like layers in acrylic paint! Josephine uses her studied skills as an artist to form colourful expressions on canvas or wood.  Love her style but looking for a piece that says “you”? Get one custom-made! Josephine can create an artwork in your choice of colour scheme, size and subject matter!

Price: Unique per project. Contact for a quote.


Decor Creation


The hardest part of any project is starting with a plan!  It’s all well and good to head out to stores and buy paint and furniture you love, but a cohesive room is built on more than that - it’s built on a good plan!  Josephine’s Decor Creation package mixes design consultations, space planning, and decor sourcing elements to create a guide to help YOU build the space YOU want!

Price: $40/hr


Decor Consultations


Have decor questions you need advice on? Josephine offers 1 or 2-hr consultations where you can literally ask her anything about your space, from design-style and colour schemes, to layout and organizational solutions! 

Price: $60/hr

Brainstorm Space View.jpg

Full-Service Decor Package

Decorating your space can be REALLY time consuming! Between picking out the perfect paint colours and finishes, to scheduling furniture deliveries and contractors, a decor project can get overwhelming and FAST.  With the Full-Service Decor Package, Josephine handles all the stresses for you from the inspiration board beginning to the accessory styling at the very end.  Josephine’s full service takes care of all planning, sourcing, shopping, scheduling, and styling - so the only thing you have to do is say YES to what you want!

Price: $40/hr


Function-First Space Planning

Decor is an even mix of aesthetic beauty and great functionality.  Designing a space properly is all about including organization and task-oriented features.  Josephine will determine the best layout options for your space with a focus on storage needs, task requirements and spacial flow! This package includes floor plan and elevation drawings as well as some conceptual sketches.

Price: $40/hr